Family law help in north Georgia

Has your spouse told you that he or she wants a divorce? Do you think that he or she is even considering it?

Whether your spouse has moved out, simply announced that he or she is thinking about divorce, or has served you with formal divorce papers, divorce is one of the most emotionally difficult events that anyone can go through. Worse yet, it can be one of the most emotionally-difficult events in a child’s life.

Scott Ledford has been through divorce, both as an attorney and as a spouse, and along the way has learned about many of the pitfalls (both legal and non-legal) that you will encounter during the process. The stakes are extremely high…everything you’ve worked for, your dreams, goals and aspirations, your reputation, your business…your very survival. The decisions that you make and the actions that you take will have effects that will be felt for a lifetime. Don’t make those decisions or take those actions while you are in emotional crisis…seek experienced counsel, even if you are trying to slow down or stop the divorce.

If you have substantial assets, then don’t trust your future (or your children’s future) to some “uncontested divorce” or “divorce mill” attorney who indiscriminately handles every disgruntled spouse in your town. Go with someone like you…someone who has built a life and a family worth fighting for and who has been in your shoes.

On the other hand, if you have few assets and no children, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to fight over a small checking account, household furniture and who gets to stay in the apartment. You can literally spend as much as you own if you aren’t careful. Attorney Scott Ledford has obtained divorces for less than $300.00 plus costs and has also seen clients who wisely spend thousands. It all depends on whether your assets are substantial enough to be worth the cost of the fight.

You can always buy forms online for a couple of hundred dollars, but for just a little bit extra, you can have someone who knows how to put those forms to work for you.

Attorney Ledford has been in practice since 1998, has prosecuted child support collections cases as an attorney for Tennessee’s Child Support Services and is a member of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. We can’t promise a happy ending, but we can help to keep you from making an already bad situation worse than it needs to be. Initial consultations are free and discreet, and thanks to email, internet and other modern technology, clients rarely have to actually come into the office. Sometimes, you don’t even ever have to go to court.

So make the call…it’ll be the only part of your divorce where you literally don’t have anything to lose.